Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

Yes, I'm running a little behind this year...

We had a wonderful Holiday.

Christmas Eve...
Was a pajama party at my parent's house. We ate yummy food, opened presents, and the bigger kids frosted sugar cookies.

Christmas morning...
My husband is an early riser, and by early I mean like 4:00am. So Christmas morning he woke me up at 7:30 and asked if we could wake Marlee. I, of course, told him no way. We sat around and waited, and waited, and waited. Around 8:30 Dave and I got impatient and opened our presents from one another.

Finally, just before 9:00, Marlee woke up. She had Elmo Live waiting for her under the tree from Santa and a few presents from Dada and Mama to open. It was so fun watching her get into the wrapping paper. I can only imagine how fun it will be next year.

Her list of presents:

Elmo Live
Elmo movie and toothbrush in her stocking

Dada and Mama...
My first laptop
Sandra Boynton books

And Dada got her a special ceramic angel. The tag was addressed to "my little angel." This is the second year that Dave has gotten M something special just from him and it makes my heart go pitter patter.

Christmas day was spent running around like a crazy person to get out of the house to spend the day with family. It ended with a dinner out in Pahrump that my Grandma Bea hosts every year and a major snow storm on our way home.

I'm a little perturbed that I did not have one picture taken of Dave, Marlee, and me on Christmas. We did, however, take a picture in front of our tree a couple of days after Christmas with the new DSLR Camera my husband surprised me with on Christmas. But I'll have to post that another day!

Thought I would share my 2008 Holiday Card with you too!

I hope your holiday was overflowing with as much love and joy as mine.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to my..
and, of course, handsome

I love much.
Thank you for always being so good to Marlee and me.
How lucky we are.

Happy Birthday Sugar. Hope you have an extra special day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Year Five Months

My beloved daughter is 17 months old, one year five months. I can’t even believe it. I blinked and in one year, Marlee went from this:

December 2007

to this:

December 2008

My big girl.
She is growing up entirely too fast. Her personality and vocabulary are exploding. A busy bee she is. Around 12 to 14 months when people would ask me if she is walking yet, my response was no, she does not walk, she runs. My daughter runs from the moment she wakes up until the moment her head hits her mattress.

My big girl.
I will say that this past month of sickies has brought out a different side of Marlee Kay. She has become quite the snuggler. Now, before nap and bedtime she will let me rock and read to her. Before she would not sit still long enough. If she starts to get antsy and tries to sit up, I will say you want to go in your bed? She will lay back down and freeze, understanding exactly what I am saying.

New developments these past few months:
-teeth. She has so many teeth, twelve total and working on thirteen. Four front top, four front bottom, four first year molars, and she is cutting on of her canines.

-she knows eyes, nose, mouth, and button (belly button). I will ask, Marlee, where is my/your nose? She will then point to my or her nose and say I, everything is I. Whether she is pointing to her nose, mouth, button, or eye, it is I.

-tantrums. As I stated in my previous post, tantrums are a daily, probably hourly, occurrence. It is quite amusing to watch.

-biting. Need I write more?

Marlee’s Favorites
-she still loves checking out her reflection in mirrors and windows. She will do something silly and watch herself.

-she can’t get enough of books. The bookworm in me loves that she loves books.

-eating the dog’s food. Every chance she gets, she runs into the laundry room, grabs and handful of dog food,and shoves it in her mouth.

-the Bubba’s (aka dogs), Cooper especially. Every dog is CooCa.

-crackers. M would eat crackers for all three meals if I let her. Numerous times a day she goes to the kitchen, points to the counter, and says QuaQua over and over. However, do not give her a broken cracker. Somehow she knows the difference and she throws a fit until we give her a "whole" cracker.

-bath time. She loves taking baths and running around the house naked after bath time.

-going to the park, especially swinging on the swings.

-Daddy. Definitely her all time fav. At the end of the day when I hear Dave in the garage I say Marlee, who is it? She gets so excited. Throughout the day she will walk around the house saying Da-ddy.

-Mr. Bear, Mr. Dog, Mr. Frog. Her three lovey's. However, Mr. Bear is by far her fav, followed by Mr. Dog.

-Elmo. Or as Marlee says, Oh.

-climbing. Marlee climbs on everything…furniture, into her hi chair, up onto our pony wall (this one scares the hell out of me), almost out of her crib, our patio furniture, up ladders, and anywhere else that looks tempting.

Marlee’s Vocabulary
Man oh man is her vocabulary exploding. She is one smart little girl. These days, she repeats about anything we say. Her choice of words are: Da or Da-ddy, MomMom, baba (bottle), CooCa (Cooper), quaqua (cracker), Oh (Elmo), ball, hi, hot, dadie (baby)…
Other words: cup, park, bath, poop, doggie, moo, shoes, and many more.

She sings the ABC’s. Well, her version of the ABC’s. This is by far her favorite song for us to sing to her. She also sings the chorus of Old Mcdonald, the E-I-E-I-O.

Oh how I adore this girl.

As a side note, November was probably one of the hardest, most challenging months for Mama. Between sickies, tantrums, sleep deprivation, and clinginess I happily embraced December.

The photos of M outside in the brown dress and the middle photo courtesy of my sister, Lesley. You can also view her work here and here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let there be SNOW

It snowed Las Vegas. I could not wait to get Marlee up from her nap and take her outside to experience snow for the first time.
Needless to say, she loved it.
My little snow bunny...

Even Mollie got in on some of the action.

Seeing Red

Yes, I am upset. I just got done writing a 17 month post for Marlee that took me days to finish. I went to post and wa-la, something horrible happened and it's all messed up...ugh.
Stay tuned. Time to start over.
And before you suggest I write it in a word document and save it, I do. However, my computer restarted the other night and I can't recover it.
I think it's high time for a new computer....doubtful.

And btw-it's SNOWING. I live in the desert and it's SNOWING. Stay tuned for some pictures of Marlee experiencing snow for the first time.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Just a few things I feel are noteworthy that I want to document...

Last Monday as Marlee and I were running errands, I decided to go through one of those drive through car washes. After I paid and started through the wash, I realized Marlee had never been through one of these before and I wasn't quite sure how she was going to handle it. Well, she LOVED it! I turned around to watch her and she was throwing her head back and forth and laughing through the entire wash as she looked through the side windows.

Disclaimer: poop mentioned.
Marlee is usually a nap time pooper. When I go in after a nap or in the morning, she has pooped. Upon the unpleasant whiff I get entering her room, I always say did you poop? The other day I walk in her room and get the whiff. My daughter jumps up, holds her arms out for me, and says poop, poop. She completely understands what I am saying and is relating the word to the act (or object). Wow.

Tantrums are in full swing here at the Ross house. When M doesn't get her way, whether it be us not picking her up and holding her while standing (this is a new one), or we take something away from her, she sits on the ground, slowly lies back and starts to scream and holler. It is so amusing because she is so careful as she puts her head back on the ground.

And for your viewing pleasure....

Because what's a post without an adorable picture? Isn't she getting so so big???

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shout Out

A huge thanks to my big (little) Sissie, Kristy, for surprising me with my new page. Isn't it so cute?

Photo taken at my baby shower (May 2007). I was 8 months pregnant with Marlee and Kristy was about 4 months pregnant with Carter Bug.

Thanks again, Sissie!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another First

With Marlee not feeling well, it has been meltdown mania at the Ross household. Sleep, what is that? Sleep has pretty much gone out the window. Last night was another rough night. After taking an hour to get Marlee to sleep, she woke up screaming at 1:00am. So, of course, I go in and rock and soothe my baby. It is now 2:00am when I return to bed. At 2:30am, I hear more screaming. Dave goes in to get her back to sleep. After about 15 minutes Dave comes back to bed...with Marlee. He put her in our bed, she snuggled into her Daddy, and feel asleep until 7:00am.
This is a first. Marlee has never, and I mean never, slept in our bed. Even when she was a tiny little baby, she slept in the pack-n-play next to the bed. This was just something Dave and I both agreed on as we did not want to form habits and Dave was so worried about suffocating her. Then once she got mobile, forget about relaxing enough to go to sleep if she's not confined to her crib.
Although I didn't sleep well, I loved having Marlee snuggled in our bed.

Sickies has brought out a whole other side of Marlee...a lovin', huggin', snugglin' side, which I am enjoying immensely!

11/29 - First time Marlee slept in Daddy and Mama's bed.
Oh, and Kristy, she is a thrasher...reminds me of someone!

On a similar yet different note, my 16 month old daughter is a jump away from crawling out of her crib. She kicks her leg over the top of the crib, straddles the rail, and laughs like she is so cute. Which, of course, she is! Lord help me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The upside of sickies

Marlee is still not feeling well. This morning after her bottle she went and got a blanket, brought it to me, and lifted her arms for me to pick her up. She then laid in my arms and watched cartoons for a good 20 minutes. This never happens...
There is an upside of sickies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Enough of the Crap!

Two weeks ago, the week of Nov 3rd, Marlee got her first bout of sickies, a cold. Yes, she didn't get sick until 16 months...pretty amazing, right? I believe she must have her Dada's rockin' immune system.

Fast forward to last week. My beloved dog, Cooper, got sick. Let's just say I dealt with a lot a crap, pun intended, and it was not pretty...not pretty at all. A trip to the vet informed us that he has colitis. Who knew dogs can get colitis. A week of meds and he's fine.

Cooper...aka Mr. Dog

On Friday (11/21) my daughter started with the diarrhea (yep, I said it) and kept it coming all weekend. I took her to the doctor yesterday as I was worried about dehydration. After checking M out, the doctor tells me it's probably a virus that just needs to ride its course.

Then, I tell her about Cooper and you can guess where this is going.

Colitis can be caused by some type of a virus or bacteria, which I knew. However, did you know dogs can get certain types of viruses or bacteria (can't remember what she said exactly) that can be passed onto humans that come into contact with the....feces (yep, I said it).

So guess what I get to do? Take Marlee's stool sample to the lab tomorrow to be tested.

On a side note, after asking me a few questions, Marlee's doc didn't seem too concerned as there are usually symptoms that Marlee's not showing. Don't worry, I won't share the symptoms. I don't want to completely gross you out!

We shall wait and see...I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Precious Moments

Two important notes before I move on:
Marlee is a Daddy's girl. If Daddy is around, forget about Mama.
Marlee is not an affectionate, snugly baby. The only time she stops is to go to sleep.

Last night Dave had a pour at midnight so he went to bed at 5:30pm.
With Daddy sleeping, Mama and Marlee played quietly together in the family room. She would go get a book, bring it to me, sit in my lap (which she never does), and let me read to her. This went on for a good hour. Then out of nowhere, M walks over to me as I was sitting on the floor, leans down, and puts her face about and inch from my face. I thought here we go, she's going to try to bite me as we have had a problem with biting lately. I was wrong. I leaned into her and put my lips on her lips. My baby was giving me kisses! She did this three times and each time she would hold still and kiss me for 5 seconds.

Last night is one of many moments that I never want to forget. A moment when I realize every bad day is worth it for these quick, precious moments of complete contentment. A moment when I realize I have the best job in the world. A moment when I know I was meant to be a Mom.
First kisses November 17...with Mama.
Daddy has yet to get one..nenernenernener.

**Photo courtesy of my talented sissie, Lesley. You can also view her photography website here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

I have been faithfully working out for about for about 6 weeks now. I know, I know, go me!! Dave has been nothing but understanding, helpful, and supportive as I head off to the gym 3 days a week. Yesterday, as I bent over to pick something up this is what my darling husband says to me:

Husband: Babe, your butt has gotten smaller.
Me: I have a big butt?
Husband: Not anymore.

Yes, this was a compliment. He meant well.
I have been accused of a lot of things, but never a big butt.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BOO-tiful Butterfly

Just for the record, Marlee loved her costume. Yes, I know the picture isn't great, but it's the best of the bunch!
For Halloween this year we took Marlee to the Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve. We had a pretty good time. There was a live band in the courtyard that Marlee loved. It was so cute to watch her bob her head and rock out. When we would leave the courtyard area, she would cry to go back. I told Dave he now has his dead head that he can go to rock concerts with.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm an Esme

My sisters, Mom and I all read the Twilight Series and are going to see the movie in a few weeks. In honor of that...

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Man, I'm hot! Who are you?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Breaking Point

This past week has been one of the most difficult weeks I have had in a very very very long time, for various reasons, and I think I reached a breaking point. I will not bore you with the mundane details that have almost sent me over the edge, no I will not. I just feel it is worthy to note that it is not always sunny here in Ross land. At times it is down right gloom and doom.
Here's to a better week. Attitude is everything, right?

PS-If you are wondering, yes, I have turned comments off on this post. This is because I am not looking for sympathy, advice, or support (mean as that may sound). As stated previously, just thought my bad week was noteworthy.

**Ahead this week...Marlee Kay's second Halloween, her first bout of the sickies, and a 16 month post. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

The American people have spoken...loud and clear. What a proud and defining day in our nation's history.


Marlee's first time voting!

Just a reminder to get out there and vote! Vote vote vote...
As much as I love politics, I am so ready for this election to be over. It has been a long time coming and today I will be on the edge of my seat...waiting to see which direction this country will be going. Will we be taking one step up or two steps back, as Springstein would say.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peanut's Results

My Marlee Kay is allergic to peanuts, egg whites, and dog dander. Let's discuss these outcomes one by one shall we...

Peanuts. As we figured. The allergy is rated 1 to 5 with 5 being the most severe. Marlee is a 3.

Egg whites. Marlee is also rated a 3 for egg whites.

Dog dander came in at a 2.

Marlee's pedi wants to retest in 6 months. In regards to the rating scale, a person with an allergy rating of a 1 has a good chance of growing out of the allergy and a 5 is severe. So I guess time will tell.

In regards to the dog dander, the doctor does not seem too concerned. Neither of my dogs shed and it is the dander she is allergic to, not the actual dog. I too am allergic to dogs. Also, Marlee has shown no signs of being bothered by the dander.

Initially, one might think egg whites are not so bad, but think about it...pastas, baked breads, muffins, pancakes, waffles, cake, most types of pastries have egg in them. My poor peanut is going to have to bring her own special cupcake to birthday parties.

So, it could have been better news. It could also have been a lot worse. I was so worried the test was going to come back positive for dairy or wheat. Now that would have been awful. Hopefully we can get a handle on her eczema.

It is late and I am tired. My apologies if this post does not seem too articulate. The words just don't seem to be flowing out of me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My lil' Peanut

Well, my poor little peanut is allergic to peanuts.

A little back story...
Last Wednesday (Oct 15) Marlee and I went over to her cousins house to play. The kids are playing while Lesley and I visit. I look over and see Marlee take a bite of Shenzie's cracker with peanut butter, which she had yet to be introduced to. Very little peanut butter I might add as Shenzie had scraped most of it off. I really thought nothing of it. Marlee is 15 months old and has never had a reaction to any type of food that we know of, nor do Dave or I.
Before I left Lesley's house, I noticed what looked like scratches on Marlee's chin. About two hours later I lifted her shirt and she was covered in hives. After completely freaking out I called her pediatrician. Her wonderful doctor told me the signs to watch for throughout the night and go straight to the emergency room if Marlee's tongue swelled up or if she had trouble breathing. After two doses of benadryl and a very worried Mommy who slept all of three hours, Marlee is fine.
We had to take Marlee to get some blood work done for allergy testing. Due to her horrible eczema, her pediatrician thinks she might have other allergies.
Thursday Dave and I took our daughter to get the blood work done. It was awful watching her get poked and poked and poked until the nurse finally found a vein. Marlee was quite the trooper though. Of course she screamed, but she calmed down the minute we picked her up. Brave girl!
The results should be in later this week. Dave and I are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.
Figures, right?

PS-Photos courtesy of my sister Kristy. Thanks for taking all the great photos of Marlee this weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day after Day after Day

Marlee Kay climbing up and sitting on my office chair.

Well, Marlee finally figured it out. We knew in time this would happen as Marlee is nothing but fearless.
Here is a play-by-play of what went down Friday night:
I am in the office working and Dave is watching Marlee.
Before long I hear...
Dave: Marlee, where are you? Marlee??? Babe is she in there with you?
Me: Nope.
So, of course I start looking for Marlee and I just knew. Yep, she had crawled out Cooper and Mollie (my dogs) very little doggie door and was just standing outside wondering what all the fuss was about. This would be a first in her book of many firsts.
Okay, back to work for about another 30 minutes. When I emerge from the office Dave says to me...
Marlee is crazy! Not only did she crawl out the doggie door, she also climbed on the ottoman and stood up laughing (her new favorite thing). Then I took her outside on the patio and, once again, she was missing (don't worry people, our patio is gated). You know where she was? She had somehow gotten in between the back of the barbecue and the fence and was hanging on the fence.
My reply: Welcome to my day after day after day.......

Ahhhh...the life of a work at home Mama, and I wouldn't change it for a thing!

A big thanks to Madeline from Marlee for the pretty dress and the rest of the clothes! Marlee loves them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

On and On

Disclaimer: This is a somewhat political post.

Since this is ultimately a blog for Marlee, I find it fitting to acknowledge the trouble our country is in. Every morning as I feed Marlee and watch the news, I am horrified by what is going on in this country. From the housing market crisis, to all the bad loans that were lent by the banks, to the stock market crashing, to our government stepping in and bailing out banks, to the $700 billion bail out package that is in the works, to the never-ending war in Iraq, to the cost of food, to our dependence on foreign oil, to gas prices hovering at $4 a gallon, to shipping jobs overseas, to unemployment being on the rise, to our dollar being worth less and less, to our national debt, to social security running dry, to our ever-lacking education system, and on, and on, and on...
To hear economists talk, we are just three steps from a depression. Sometimes I feel as though this country is not moving forward, but rather backward.

In other news, is anyone else excited to watch the one and only VP debate tonight? I'm hoping to get a few good laughs out of it!

Let's just hope our next president can do a better job than our current president has done.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Smallest Gestures...

Mean oh so much.
A couple of evenings ago, I decided to go have a little me time for a few hours. I kissed my two babes (aka husband and daughter) goodbye and off I went. When I got home, about 9:00pm, both the babes were sleeping...expected that. However, the dinner dishes were done, kitchen counters clean and wiped down, and all Marlee's "stuff" (ie toys, books, stuffed animals) were put away in their respective places. The only thing I had to do was start the dishwasher.
These little helpful things that my husband does without being asked mean so much to me. What a lucky, lucky girl I am to have such a wonderful partner.

Thanks Sugar...I heart you <3.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Days

I love fall..definitely my favorite season. The crisp morning walks, the leaves changing colors, the earlier evenings, the smell of baked goods...I must bathe in the fall glory as we go from hot to cold quickly here in the desert. The past couple of weeks have been so nice and we have been enjoying our weekends full of outdoor fun.

This past Sunday we took Marlee to BalloonaPalooza at the Craig Ranch Golf Course. They had hot air balloons, a carnival, live music, a circus, food, and much more. Just thought I would share a few pictures of our enjoyable morning.

I am enjoying this age with Marlee Kay immensely. Her constant motion, curiosity, tempers (yes, plural), giggles, and excitement make everyday so new and special. She makes me stop and see the world and what's in it so beautifully and simply.

As you can see I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with my camera and photoshop.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pickin' Apples

This past weekend Dave, Marlee, and I went to Gilcrease Orchard. Who knew we had an orchard practically in our own back yard. Imagine my excitement! We paid a couple of bucks to enter into the orchard and then we picked our own fruits and vegetables. At this time of year they have apples, pears, peaches, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, all varieties of squash, and more.

Marlee picking a zucchini.

Our pickings for the day.

I had such a blast going up and down the aisles of trees and picking the apples. That’s probably why we left with 9 pounds of apples!
I’m off to make zucchini bread, bars, casseroles, pancakes…and apple pie, turnovers, chips, butter, muffins….

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Kiss

Another birthday came and went.

Tonight Dave and Marlee took me to dinner for my birthday. As we were eating dessert, hey-it's me birthday remember, I leaned down and asked Marlee for a kiss. She leaned into my lips with her mouth open wide and gave me the most edible kiss. I asked her for another kiss and she leaned into me again and planted another kiss right on my sweet. Only later did I realize the ice cream I was eating might have had something to do with all the kisses. Still, this ranks right up there with last year . What a difference a year makes.

After we got home from dinner I tried getting a few pictures of Marlee and I. As usual she was not cooperating, so this is what Dave did to get her to hold still:

Yes, he stuck her in the bushes.
She will not touch the bushes to work her way out. Same goes with grass. If Marlee falls in grass, she just sits there with her hands out, rocking back and forth on her butt until Dave or I come to her aid.

My two most precious gifts. Thanks Sugar for making my birthday so special, as usual. I heart you forever.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Year

One year ago today I started my blog. Happy one year anniversary me!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Hero

Anyone following the Olympics as I have been? Dara Torres is my hero.
I told Dave in a past life I was an Olympian swimmer just like her. Heck, I'll just settle for her smokin' hot body...

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Yes, I know, it's been awhile. There has been so much going on in my life and the days just seem to get away from me. I am finally done with the summer semester and can start focusing on so many other things I have on my never ending to do list.

Stay tuned for a post about..who else? Yes, Marlee Kay. She is growing and changing right before my eyes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister

Marlee wants to wish one of her favorite Auntie's a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kristy. Thanks for being the best Sister and Auntie that a girl could ask for. Hope you have a great day.
We love you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

12 months

I know I’m a little late with this as my daughter is now 12 months and two weeks. To be honest, I have been putting off posting about my baby girl turning one because I can’t put my feelings into words. I don’t quite know where to begin. However, begin I shall.
Let’s begin with M’s 12 month (and two week) stats:
22.12 pounds – 65 percentile
30 inches – 75 percentile
Just graduated to a size 4 diaper although a little big
Has eight teeth (four top front and four bottom front)

She is thinning out. This is probably due to that fact that she does not stop. ever. She’s gone from lying so still in my arms or anywhere I place her, to kicking her feet and flapping her arms, to rolling all over the place, to sitting up, to scooting, to crawling, to crawling faster, to standing, to walking. At 12 months M was taking about 12 steps. Now, at 12 months and two weeks she is walking all over the place. It is so exciting to watch her discover this new found independence, so curious of every new discovery she comes upon. She's also gone from disliking most people and being very shy to a little social butterfly.

Although I am saddened to see each stage pass, I am enjoying this stage with Marlee so much. Yes, many days are filled with frustration, tempers, crying fits, and breakdowns. They are also filled with smiles, giggles, and fun. Everyday is so different yet somehow just the same.
Marlee Kay’s favorite things…
Water. Whether it be swimming and splashing in the pool, taking a bath, playing in water puddles, or splashing in the sink as I wash her hands, Marlee loves water.
Mirrors. Oh how she enjoys looking at herself. She just stares at herself and laughs.

Books. I cannot even begin to explain how my little one adores books. I have read to her since the day we brought her home from the hospital and I think it has paid off.
Being outside. My little girls loves to play outside. Living in the desert has made this quite challenging the past few months. At least once a day we hang out on the patio and at least once a day Marlee goes to the backdoor and cries to go outside and play.

Exploring. Forget about toys. If I give Marlee free rein to run wild around the house (supervised of course) she will make an entire day of just roaming around.
I could go on and on.
Kids. She loves other kids. However, I think my little love is going to be a serious bully.
Marlee’s choice of words thus far have been (in no particular order): Dada, MomMom, bubba or baba, dog, ball, hi, ruff ruff, owww, owie, wow, . She also signs milk. I’ll say Marlee you ready for milky and sometimes she gets so excited and signs milk with both hands.
So, at one year Marlee refuses to feed herself. She sits in her high chair and opens her mouths and waits for the food. As my Dad always said to us kids, she’s like a little bird waiting for food.

Oh how I love and adore you my beautiful daughter…your scrunched up face when I go in your room to greet you first thing in the morning, your smile and laughter, your curiosity, listening to you sing yourself to sleep, your innocence, watching your face light up when you hear Dada coming through the door, your determination, your unexpected few and far between, watching you sleep with your little butt in the air..I could watch you sleep for hours, your fearlessness, watching you explore the find joy in the smallest things. Never lose this curiosity.

You have taught me so much this past year, from patience to unconditional love to true devotion and I want to thank you. Thank you for being everything I could have ever hoped for and more. We were meant for one another my sweet girl and not a day goes by that I don’t look at you and think how lucky and blessed I am to have you in my life. You amaze me. You humble me. There are no words to convey my deep love and devotion to you.

You have stolen my heart baby girl. Always know that I am your biggest fan.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexee

Marlee Kay wants to wish her cousin Alexee a very happy 5th birthday.

07.18.07 - M and Lex meeting for the first time

Thanks for spending your special day with us. My Mama says you are growing so fast, too fast. She can still remember the day you were born.

We love you so much and hope your day was extra special because that's what you are, extra special.

Uncle Dave, Auntie Angela, and Marlee Kay