Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Marlee-ism

As we were getting buckled in and pulling out of Target's Parking, I hear MK release some excess gas.
I say:
"Marlee, did you just toot?"
Her response:
"Tooted! Momma, I gassy."

I guess it's better than what I've been getting lately when I ask that question, which is "no, farted!"

My sweet and gassy girl, who is addicted to all things Mickey and Minnie, and her baby bear.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annual Family Photos


All photos taken by an amazing photographer, Lesley Barr. Who also happens to be my big (little) sister. To see more photos and to read about my crazy love for my Bubba's, go here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Flu

Well, Marlee got her first bout of the flu this past weekend. She woke at 3:30am Friday(01/08) throwing up. Thankfully the vomiting only lasted until 12:30pm Friday.
She just rested all day Friday and was so clingy and snuggly. Dare I saw I enjoyed it? Except for the not sleeping good part.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Have Pee...

Today was the day

For the past week or so, Dave and I have been putting MK on the potty here and there, but she had yet to go pee pee on the toe toe (as we call it).

Today was different. She woke up (at 7:45am) and went from night time diaper to Minnie big girl panties immediately. Finally, after much practice and constant potty talk, MK peed on her little toilet around 11:35am.
Yes, my daughter must have a big bladder like me. She only pees a couple of times a day, but when she pees, she pees. As you can see from the picture.

Doesn't she look so proud of herself? Or it could be the sudden shock from the bright flash.
I danced, hollered, and clapped my hands. As a special treat for going pee pee Dave and I took her to the library after her nap. She was over the moon excited! I have never met a kid that loves the library like my little MK. She was also treated to chocolate in her milkie.

I am so proud of you my Marlee Kay. Just one more step that takes you from baby to big girl.

And because I have to document everything...
Day 1
-panties on at 7:45am
-went pee pee at 11:35am
-diaper wet after nap
-went pee pee at 6:30pm
-went pee pee at 7:15pm
That's it! Other than nap time, MK was dry all day. She seems to have caught on quickly. We'll see what the upcoming days hold.