Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Favorite part of my day

This afternoon Marlee and I were dancing. I was holding her and we were swinging, spinning, dipping, and twirling about when she leaned in and kissed me.
Just because.
Made my heart smile.=)

Least favorite part of my day...
Right before dinner Marlee had an allergic reaction.
To what, I have not a clue.
I do know that her allergies - environmental or food, I'm not sure - seem to be getting worse.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The What If. Dresser Edition...

No, not the pool this time, but equally as frightening.

This afternoon...
Dave had just gotten home and the three of us were in our bedroom.
MK was supposed to be resting in my bed as she decided she didn't need a nap today.
And she was resting until her Daddy walked in the door.
Dave and I were just on the floor talking.
MK was over by our tall 6 drawer dresser pulling one of the drawers open.
I could hear the drawer open, then close. Open, then close.
Then I hear it.
That awful make your heart stop, panic, hold your breathe sound.
The entire dresser fell on my daughter.
All the drawers came crashing down on top of her.
The entire dresser fell on my daughter.
We both ran to her and started pulling on the drawers and dresser to get her out from under it.
All the while me screaming, in my breathless, frantic voice, for Dave to get it off of her.
Once we got the dresser moved Dave carefully picked her up.
Before we even had a chance to make sure she was okay, she was crying.
Of course she was crying.
For Mickey.
The DVD player that was on the dresser also came crashing down and was yanked out of the wall in the middle of The Three Mouseketeers.
Yes, my brave daughter was more upset over the movie possibly being broken than over the dresser falling on her.
She is okay.

Other than a swollen face/cheek/eye that immediately started bruising and a swollen bump on her knee and foot.
She is okay.

More than anything, I wanted to hold my baby.
To comfort her.
To tell her she is so brave and I love her so much.
She wouldn't come to me from her Daddy.
I just kept begging and begging until she finally gave in, just as she does me.

The scary part of the whole thing is that Marlee was not climbing on or up the dresser. She did not have a bunch of the drawers open at once. It was just one drawer that she must have pulled on just right to bring the entire thing down.

*Photo taken about 20 minutes after the accident. By this evening she was already sporting a swollen black eye.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite part of my day

Dave, Marlee, and Cooper were snuggling on the couch tonight watching Mickey Mouse. Marlee looked up at Dave and said "Daddy, I happy."
Nothing like a 2 year old putting things into perspective.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Today's Marlee-ism (2)

This is how the conversation with Marlee went as we were getting ready this morning, more specifically me putting on my bra:

MK: want boobies
Me: what honey?
MK: (as she's pointing to her boobies) want to wear boobies.
Me looking perplexed and still not getting it.
So she repeats: want to wear boobies, until I realize she is wanting to wear my bra.

Definitely put a smile on my much needed face.
Couldn't she put a smile on anyone's face?

Playing outside today. Beautiful weather. One of the benefits of living in the desert in February.

PS-crappy quality photo taken with iphone.