Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things I dislike...

Things I dislike...

*Unsolicited advice
*The fact that I over analyze everything
*Lemon in my water...ugggghhhh-get it right servers!
*People who talk only about themselves
*Dirty floors
*When a Mom in Del Taco decides to change her toddler's poopy diaper in the booth next to mine...bad enough but even worse when we were the only people in the entire restaurant
*People who don't put shopping carts in the designated areas...then my car gets dinged
*The death penalty
*People who sit RIGHT next to me in a movie theatre...ugh - I get there early so this doesn't happen
*Folding laundry
*My husband's snoring
*Public toilets
*Inconsiderate people
*People who are constantly late (I'm not talking 5 or 10 minutes) their time is more valuable than mine
*Grocery shopping
*Muffin top
*People who take advantage of my husband and his generosity
*Parents who don't make their kids mind
*People who lack respect
*Smokers...not so much smokers themselves but the cigarette smoke
*Inconsiderate smokers
*When I see parents smoking in their car with kids in the backseat...especially when all the windows are rolled up...can I just smack them...this should be against the law
*Parents who are holding a child in their lap and a cigarette in their hand-blowing smoke right at the poor child
*When I walk out of somewhere and into a cloud of cigarette smoke...especially when I have Marlee
*Did I mention smokers?
*That still today women make less than men
*Shoes in my house...especially when my floors have just been cleaned
*Slow drivers in the fast lane
*Pee on the rim of the toilet...can't men just sit down to pee
*People that litter
*A dirty house
*Junk mail...what a waste
*Bad grammar
*People that drink and drive
*Plea bargaining
*Cockroaches, vinegaroons and wolf spiders
*Parents who let their kids run up to my dogs at the park before asking me if they are friendly
*George Bush
*People who don't take responsibility and blame everyone and everything else for their problems
*That it is not mandatory for insurance companies to cover infertility treatments
*My negativity
*Did I mention unsolicited advice?

Wow...this is quite therapeutic. I think I could go on and on, but I will stop now.

**Kristy, Kristie and Stacey let me hear all about the things you dislike

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things I love...<3

Lesley's post ( and a thread on another board really got me thinking about things I love and dislike. So here goes...

Things I love...
*The smell of my daughter after a bath
*The innocence of children
*A hot cup of Joe first thing in the morning
*My husband's dry sense of humor
*Reading a good book into the wee hours of the night
*Marlee Kay's laugh
*My bubba's (dogs) breath-gross, I know
*My husband's generosity and complete selflessness
*Being lucky enough to stay at home with Marlee
*Einstein bagels
*Sunday mornings
*The smell of rain
*Silence (very underated)
*People who can admit when they are wrong and apologize
*My family
*Watching Marlee peaceful
*A clean house
*My husband's patience with me
*Finding a good deal on something...anything
*An unexpected compliment
*A long, hot shower
*Looking at Marlee and seeing Dave staring back at me
*Smoke free restaurants
*Nice, straight white teeth
*Walking in the door and being greeted by my bubba's
*My friends a girl could have
*My Mama...the world's best...and you too Dad!
*Clean sheets
*The smell of spring flowers blooming
*Watching Dave melt when he looks at Marlee
*A good debate
*My husband-for being more than I could have ever asked for
*Feeling like my family is finally complete
*Being a Mama...finally!

Isn't she a beauty?

Wow...I am in the best mood now

Stay tuned for the things I dislike

**I am challenging Kristy, Stacey, Dara and Kristie to post things they love/dislike!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Carter's Night Out!

Kristy and Carter's shower dinner...Before Kristy pops the girls took her and Carter to dinner at Bucca de Beppo Saturday night. It was so much fun! As we were all sitting around talking we realized that every single one of us are Mama's now...crazy! The highlights of the evening:

Kristy having a "little" too much to drink...kidding...just kidding!

Lesley refusing to share...once again...kidding! This brings me back to "no, you cannot have a chip because I have so many chips per every bite of sandwich"...and I'm the anal one..ha!

We love you Sissie and can't wait to meet Carter!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where does the time go?

Marlee Kay is 2 months old!!
It's the weirdest thing...Sometimes I look at my daughter and I can't believe she is already two months old! And other times it feels like she has always been apart of our family and I can't even think about what it was like before her! It's surreal.
What a difference a month makes. She has started interacting with her Mama and Dada so much! She smiles...and laughs!! She will talk and talk...and you had better pay attention and talk back or else she gets's the cutest thing! When I snuggle Marlee or lie her down, she will just lie there, look around and take everything in. I love to just watch her as she sees something for the first time. When she wakes up and cries for me or Dada, she instantly calms down once she hears our voice and we pick her up...only two months old and she is already comforted and soothed by us.
She had her doctors appointment yesterday and she is already 10 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long...long and skinny just like her Dada! I call her my lil' stringbean! She had to get four shots and she cried harder than I have ever heard her cry =( It broke my heart. After a few minutes she was over it...I think it upset me more than it upset her!
She is so strong! When I try to burp her she throws her head back and when I place her on her tummy for tummy time she can already turn her head from one side to the other.
She amazes me everyday and I am so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing husband and perfect daughter.
Life is good!

Breaking out of her *cocoon* first thing in the morning.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pregnancy Blues...


The other day Kristy and I were talking about how well we take care of ourselves when we are pregnant and breastfeeding because of the little bean growing inside of us. We don't skip meals, try to eat healthy, drink AMPLE amounts of water, take our prenatal vitamins religiously, cut out caffeine, etc. Yet, once that baby pops out none of these rules seem to apply. Every morning for breakfast I have a big fat cup of caFFeinated coffee, I am doing good if I drink half the recommended amount of water in a day, and I probably remember to take my vitamins twice a week. Why is this? Is our own health not important to us?

I always hear Mom's talk about the things they do not miss about being pregnant. There are so many things I miss aBouT being pregnant.

I miss...

-Feeling Marlee Kay move

-The constant attention and worry that my husband showed

-Being lazy and not at all feeling guilty about it

-Not having to suck in my stomach

- Not being nearly as greasy

-I was neVer dehydrated with all the water I drank

-Being regular...sissies-you know what I mean =)

-My clear skin-again because of all the water I drank

-No pAiNfUl periods...woohoo

-And of course, the ever growing elastic pants!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On the road to Recovery

Well, had my 8 week postpartum check up with my OB yesterday. I swear I should just apply for a job with as much time I spend there! Swainston said everything looks good and I am healing great. He FINALLY took me off most restrictions...that means I get to clean...woohoo!! Dave sure is happy since he has been doing all the vacuuming and mopping. I go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound so he can get a good look at my uterus. Depending on what that shows I might have to have another laparscopy done because he is worried about scare tissue and something else that I cannot remember.
Bet you can't guess what the first thing that I did today was? Yep...vacuum. Who really gets excited about cleaning...I know I need a life, right?

First time on the activity mat-not quite sure what to think