Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Years

At 36 months, Marlee Kay
-39.5" tall
-32 pounds
-has huge head (can't remember stats but she was 95%+)
-4t shirt
-3t (or even 2t) bottoms
-8-9 shoe size

-she calls every meal lunch
-when daddy and i are talking, she tells us no, don't have a conversation.
-is so very scared of loud noises. the vacuum, blowdryer, blender, loud anything.
-says what's this all about and you know who gave you that. two things i always say to her.
-looks at herself in the mirror and says i look beautiful.
-says momma i want to scream really loud. and i either say yes or no. if i say yes, she screams. really loud.
-has begun the i do it phase.
-started saying hold me instead of hold you.
-calls the a/c the heater. and it has to be running during nap and bedtime. if it's not on she requests it be turned on.
-when i tell her to do something she doesn't want to do, she responds with i too busy. wonder where she got this one from.
-likes to hold my hand "for a minute" when i lay her down for bed.

In her words:
how old are you? 6.
what is your favorite color? green.
favorite animal? doggie.
favorite cartoon? george.
what do you like to eat for lunch? quesadilla.
favorite drink? somethin' else.
what do you like to do for fun? i like birthday cake. i wanna do toys.
what do you like to wear? minnie jacket.
where do you like to go? old navy. (which she has been a total of two times).

**Post written in July. Yes, my daughter just turned 3.5.
***Photos courtesy Kristy Milton Photography.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Blue Eyed Girl

Our conversation while I rocked Marlee, just before bed:

Marlee: (looking up at me) Momma have green eyes.
Me: Yes, I have green eyes.
Marlee: (frowning) I don't have green eyes.
Me: No, you have the prettiest blue eyes.
Marlee: I want to get green eyes at the store after tomorrow.


**This conversation took place on 06/30/10 (picture also from June). Another one I wrote and never posted.