Tuesday, June 29, 2010


-MK and I took our weekly trip to the library. An hour after our usual story time, which is okay with me since with summer break brings entirely too many kids. And too much chaos.
-Met Daddy for lunch at Red Robin, MK's favorite. She had her .75 cents in tow, as always, hoping this will be the time she gets the happy face ball. No luck. It was the dolphin ball. Again. But she seemed pleased. She was definitely pleased to order the macaroni and cheese, which was almost always a no no at restaurants due to her egg allergy. Well, that pesky egg allergy is a thing of the past. More on this later.
-Came home. MK napped while I worked.
-MK woke up and went swimming with Daddy. I wouldn't believe it if I saw it. She is actually swimming. Since Sunday (6/27). With a life vest on, of course. She goes back and forth across our 50 foot pool and she loves it. As long as dunking is not involved.
-I ran to LensCrafters to drop off my one month (new) glasses to have my second pair of ($400.00) lenses fitted into my frames due to LensCrafters damaging my old (new) lenses while adjusting my glasses. Yes, free of charge. Still annoying.
-Ran to yet another Target looking for my size in the cutest tankini. No luck. We leave for California soon (yippee) and I am in desperate need of a more modest swim suit. I don't want to scare my fellow beach goers and all. I will not give up.
-Had Stacey and Haylee over for dinner. Steak, lobster, and asparagus. No, we don't eat like this often. Yes, it was good.
-Cleaned up the house and got MK ready for bed.
-After reading stories (Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Snake Cake - both library books), singing our nightly songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Song, ABC's and Count to 20), and rocking (yes I still rock my almost 3 year old baby before bed every night) MK says Momma let's talk? What did you do today? Something I have said to her night after night for as long as I can remember.
-So, we went through our day. As we so often do.
-And I thought I would share.
-Now off to pour me a bowl of honeycombs and turn on the boob tube.


Jessica said...

You header is friggin' adorable! I love it! No egg allergy??? Please elaborate! And her Lilypie is getting way too close to 3 years. Can we stop time now please? Just for a little bit?

diz2 said...

I tried honeycomb cereal the other day because of you... I think I like them better dry, but they were pretty damn good.

Just sayin'.

Lesley Barr Photography said...

I miss you guys! That sounds like a fabulous day! Love the .75 cents, that is SO Marlee. I need a video of this swimming so I can see it with MY own eyes too. =)

I'll see you soon!!!